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Seniors breathe sigh of relief after their stellar presentations at the annual English colloquium, December 7, 2016!

English capstone students pose with Louisa May Alcott's classic book, Little Women (September), after a class led by the editors of their Norton classic text, Professors Greg Eiselein and Anne Phillips of Kansas State University. L to R are Ang Andolina, Madi Hileman, Joshua Nolte, Jaeden Yoshikawa, Veronica Compton, Megan McElwee, Catherine Averill; and seated, Katelyn Baur

 Research Assistant Erin Horning visits Walden Pond.

Proud to reconnect with former Penn State Altoona students Christina Seymour and Anne Showalter at American Literature Association conference (Boston, 2015)

Heather Myers and Becca Betty in Albuquerque for the annual Sigma Tau Delta Convention, March 2015.

With seniors at the end of semester English colloquium (December 2014): (L to R) Nicholas Dill, Becca Betty, Nadia Whittle, Dr. P, Zachary Scholl
Professor Steve Sherrill leads the ENGL 430 class in singing sea shanteys during the introduction of Moby-Dick, Spring 2013.

Fall hike with English students, commencing at Penn State Altoona's replica of Thoreau's cabin.

LASAL student Lauren Hatch presents on her American Studies research semester on nineteenth-century African American History in central Pennsylvania.

Site of Thoreau's cabin at Walden Pond with ENGL 30 honors students

Jeannette (Burgan) Lang pays visit to Mary Moody Emerson's grave in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord

Research Assistants hard at work and play over the years
Katie DiFolco finds a way to locate T. W. Higginson's grave in Cambridge :)

Reconnecting with RA alum Christina Seymour (left) and current RA Jennifer Cowfer (right)

A new cadre of RAs (L to R): Anne Maucieri, Aubry Dean, Heather Myers

Courses Taught 
(at Penn State Altoona, Georgia State University, and Friedrich Schiller Universitaet in Jena, Germany)

Graduate Seminar:
Slavery and American Literature

Senior Capstones
Coming of Age(s)
Captivity in Early American Literature
Early American Gothic
Stalking the American Dream

Special Topics:
Melville's Moby-Dick 
Thoreau's Walden
H. B. Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin  
The Poetry of Emily Dickinson
Edgar Allan Poe and His Time
The World of J. R. R. Tolkien

Slavery and the Literary Imagination
The American Novel to 1900
The American Renaissance
American Literature to 1865
The Civil War and the Making of American Memory
Alternative Voices in American Literature
Reading Fiction
The Short Story
Introduction to Women Writers
What Is Literature?
Introduction to American Studies (Foundations of the American DreamReform Movements in Early America)
Introduction to Women's Studies

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